Interesting World 🌎♥️

Interesting World 🌎♥️

Apeksha Khedkar

• • •

“ A well organised and disciplined imagination which is continuously processing can be sustained forever ”.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstein

It’s really hard to define your blog and it’s purpose when you have too many dreams in your heart.

It’s almost impossible to define your work when you have too many expectations.

The Interesting World is not just a blog. It’s a dream of an individual to connect his dreams to millions-billions of the dreamers across.

It’s impossible to behave normally with Interesting World Instead, I’m somewhere in the deep sea of imagination when it comes to define iis the world of dreamers. It was very hard for me to belive and follow what people say. I started recognising myself apart from the my classmates in the school. It started feeling that I haven’t some superpowers. I dream to get a gift of magic wand from a fairy one day. Being an introvert, I looked inside me.

And you can’t belive I started imagining a universe inside me. I started trying to recognise my imagination in the real world.

* * *

You know, there are some beautiful people, things, memories, learnings and dreams which always inspire us to realise our human existence.

People are so nice. They have so many problems, still they try to comfort eachother… they are hopeful. Than why not me? I always wanted to help the people by solving their problems.

When I see our problems at a higher level with a wide approach, I get the strong reasons behind our worries.

Telling stories is a way, I found out, to communicate and motivate the people. Here, I have blogger friends from different parts of the world. They have their own stories. I hope they can relate with my work. Together, we try to understand eachother, learning lots of things, running on the path of life.

So, The Interesting World is plateform. It works as a center to start a conversation. I write poems, stories, affirmations, thoughts, articles with love and passion. Thank you♥️

• • •

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